2:24 am
A million kilometers away from you, yet we're talking like we're next to each other.

We're not close to dating, seeing each other nor in a relationship. But what we have (from my point of view) is something not the usual. We can't put any titles with what we have because that's how reality slaps our faces. I've been in this situation, once and like the same, i'm scared. I'm scared that it might end the same way like it did before- unintentional, abrupt, emotional and a few bottles of beers were drank to get over. I'm scared that I will get used to this set up- you, who is always being there to talk randomly, you who would constantly take me home despite the time and even the many times I have questioned myself if you deserve the attention i'm sparing. Idk anymore. Idk. 

xo, readysetdrool.

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