20150501 BOHOL 2K15

Hola! The family decided to pursue the supposed to be clan reunion planned last year, which only my family line pushed through with the trip.

150428 Travel day! 
  • Took the earliest flight to Cebu via Cebu Pacific. The flight amazingly didn't take that long tho, about 45 mins max. Upon arriving, we decided to meet my brother's friend somewhere somewhere in Ayala however the traffic was terrible! So our aunties changed plans, we had to eat lunch somewhere near the port to catch up our trip to Bohol, to our surprise - pun included, we ended up in Jollibee! Arrived at Bohol at about 4-ish pm, ahhh the smell of Bohol's port. 
Ancestral house at Maribojoc, Bohol
Day 01: Tour Bohol! 

  • Went around Bohol taking the coastal area. Kinda dragging cause it took us almost a day traveling, less spots, more mountains and greens. 
Bohol's famous rice cake, Calamay!

Day 02: Tourist Spots with cousins! 
  • Signed contract with the aunties to let us go around the tourist spots minus the third wheeling. Agreed to get a car for ourselves and pay half of it. Went to the Tarsier research area, which obv had tarsiers. These cute monsters have small hearts! Literally speaking. Next stop: Chocolate Hills, passing through the Man Made forest. The place is just magicaaaaal. Not too long upon arriving, the clouds decided to cry. It started raining HARD. And by hard, I mean close to 0 visibility driving shit. Next was Baclayon church, which was seriously damaged after the strong earthquake 2 years ago. Blood compact came up next. I swear the place changed a lot! A few years back, there were no buildings beside the spot but it changed, it was to crammed. IDK. Last stop was Island City Mall! ahhh this mall. Too much memories.
Chocolate Hills
Tarsier reservation Area with cousins

  • Nothing too special. Laxing a bit. 

Day 04: CEBU!
  • Grabbing all day! Even meeting my best friend, Jolu! Cebu is fo sho the bestest place to do food trips! 

Magellan's cross with cousins and mum!
Pizza Republic @ Cebu
Desert's factory with cousin!
La Vie.

xo, readysetdrool.

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