3 years post graduation and I'm constantly finding myself complaining how all this adulthood would suck.

Well, the job is quite rewarding. Got a spot at a local government hospital, tryna saving lives of strangers. Sometimes they stay at their best, saying thanks and all. But mostly, they keep on looking down at us , as if their Phil health paid enough to be screaming at us like their slaves. Lol no you didn't even pay a single centavo to be treating us lyk dis. Why can't you be just as tamed as you have to be. We're humans too not some magicians who can bring back lost lives. We try to save lives, not to hocus pocus the dead ones. Some modesty and respect helps too.

Next, why can't people (in general) can't be fucking straight forward. I mean, it doesn't hurt to say 'ooh Dan, dat's not how it's done.' Or 'Dan, there's something on your face.' NOT FUCKING MOCK ME ON MY FACE. ASSHOLES. Still wondering how and  cowards are made of.

There's so much pressure coupled up with stress lately. Idk how nicely should it be treated. Ugh.

xo, readysetdrool.

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