Hardcore Luck. XD

I started the day sick. I had colds, which was not usual for my body. A simple cold will have to mean a day of extreme short breaths and asthma attacks.Now, Im feeling feverish. My head's aching like CRAAAAAP. So yeah, my day went quite not well. I didn't failed my nursing subject but I had a very small grade, which Im sure mom's gonna be nagging again. I guess I have serious cyber world problem. First thing I do when I get home, twitter, tumblr, facebook. Sleep, wake up, eat, take a bath and then it goes the same way again. :)) ROFL. Not that im complaining, just sorting out the truth about my life. LOL. So yeah, when our teacher handed out our exam papers, my classmate, ANDIE was LOL-in on her seat. Only did we found out that she forgot to answer her "TRUE OR FALSE" item on the exam paper. Dude, that was worth 10 points!! Hahahahhaha. So yeah, after that....Nothing else really happened just 2 boring hours of lecture:))) Sorry maam, I think you're a good teacher, the subject.. It just burns my ears. :)) So here's a snapshot of my classmate's "MAJOR FAIL"

The huge X says it all. Still she passed the freaking exam. :) True LOL moments. :) Okay then I went home directly after the subject. When I opened @twelfs I saw th 4thjib picture teaser with ONLY 10 MEMBERS. We all know what happened this past few months. Kangin's DUI, Hangeng's lawsuit, Kibum's acting career. Or whatever you might thing of what's going on with their lives. But for me, i'm only believing of what's up. They're having a break from all the hard work and headaches the industry could offer. Damn, they're also human. They get sick and I know how much we want them back, just that now's not the right time. :( Seriously I NEED them back but there's nothing I can do. Just prayers and a lot of miracles. :) Well, nothing will ever change, we will still support them, right? :)


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