Of how you made me numb my feelings, that I do not know. Irdek why i'm having this feeling. However, I know it's something NOT right. We both know it's not right. Just the thought of me, liking you, makes me seriously mad at myself. We may be friends, no, close friends now, it isn't just right for me to actually LIKE you. First, you're too good to be true. Ew. Not really. You're more of like my sense of security. I feel blissful when you're around and you make me "LOL" when I do not even want to go "HEHE". You took me off-guard man. :D I like you, but not the same way with the other 5 gays whom I also like. That's different story, btw. All of them are GAY. And obviously, you're one sweet straight retard. X) BLA. Why am I speaking about love? This is so random. I'm not really the type of dude who just writes about love. LOL. :) Whatever. I have to finish 2 papers for tomorrow.
Good Night. :)

I'm having my 2nd Chuckie right now. X))


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