Going crazy on what to do on facebook when I accidentally saw this. :(

I miss the 7 people who always touch my triceps brachii every single day. who always praise my toes heartedly and who always appreciate my way of showing the sense of art by letting me draw that certain part of the body to their handouts and notebooks. im looking forward to experience that sleep overs again after our "sessions" and sleeping together in the same room on a same foam. i miss the times when, the 4 of them got angry when we girls did stupid things like what happened last feb. 13 2010. i miss the 7 people who like to have celebrations every after finals like what happened last oct. 21 2009 at mergrande. i miss the times when we go to a certain house for lunch and divide the fare by 4 or 8. i miss the times when the 7 has a surprise gift or gimmick for the bday celebrant. i miss the times when these 8 people have misunderstandings that last for days but then, they are worried to death for hurting the other. i miss the times when one of them was in danger and all was so concerned in a such a way that 4 of them ended up at sta. ana police station. i miss the times of laugh trip because someone said a very korni joke. i miss the times of quizzes and exams that the motto is: "sharing is good no matter ur answer is not that good." i miss the times when everybody is too full because of a very heavy meal and one of them cannot even talk. i miss the karaoke sessions and one of them considered as the karaoke "KING." i miss the times of giving advices not just only about school but more on love and family problems. i miss the times of letting the 4 carry some heavy books such as the manual before rle time. i miss the times of having a music trip when one plays the guitar and the others sing it. i miss the times of accepting gm's from these 7 talking about nonsense yet it could truly paint a smile on my face. i miss watching movies with them (with sitting arrangement). i miss the times of sharing stories for 4 hours outside CT 300 RD time. i miss the times when we eat lunch together. i miss copying assignments with them. i miss their hugs and kisses. i miss their voices, their laughs, their expressions, their faces and their presence. i miss every single part of them. i miss the fun. i miss everything. i miss everyone. i super duper miss these guys:
tanya faye watson
jeff hinggo
john remy herbito
ktine alag
edward umpa
remie bais 

This was made by my "kabarkada" arrene. GDI I miss my friends. :( 
I want things to go well for all of us but I also want them back. :( aaahhhh. Kthxbye.


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