Day 3.

Day 3. 

1. A Walk to Remember.
(Shayne West and Mandy Moore)

A story of love, courage, forgiveness, FAITH and HEALING. One of the most admirable stories of love. Of how LOVE changed people's mind set. We never know who we fall in love with or how it happens. All we know is that, we just do.

2. Titanic
(Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet)

Timeless classic movie. Perhaps just another love story for some but certainly an unchanging story of passion and love for me! This is a vague remembrance of my quirky childhood. Of how I used to keep on replaying this movie on our VHS. One time, I asked my mom if the story was true (when I mean true-true, I meant true. Factual. :D) and she said, yes, it’s true. Then bam! I just went heartbroken because I thought Jack (Leonardo) really died. Yes, naïve child is naïve. XD 

3. 꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건 
English Title: Attack of the Pin-Up Boys
Plot:There have been mysterious instances in which male students from different high schools are getting ambushed and covered in foul-smelling dung. All victims have large egos and believe they are handsome! High school students from all around the nation are interested in who is going to be the next victim. All the boys who were targets these of terror attacks become national stars. They were at first annoyed by these attacks but, on the other hand they think that getting attacked can prove that they are the best looking guy, so they end up trying hard to get attacked and happily covered with foul-smelling dung. When one boy from the list gets attacked, it later comes out that there was no ambush. It was a big fat lie. So who is going to be the next victim?
Useless movie is forever useless. For some reasons, why would you (if on your right mind) would you make a movie with CUTE adorkable guys and pair them up of shitloads of SHIT?! ROFL. I don’t know either. Yet, I ought to admit, this movie was so epic, I couldn’t stop re-watching it! Maybe the director was bored with his life and he hadn’t have anything else in mind except to play with shit and guys. (no, no, don’t bash me for this. I’m just saying. :)) 

xo, readysetdrool.

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