Or are you getting old?

 Today... Hmmm. We had our "small reunion" (4th year Highschool classmates) It was fun. Seeing how much people have changed in 2 years. Some of us were already Student nurses, student accounting people, some were idk how to say this...."un-decided" people who couldn't really tell which course to finish. ROFL SARCASM included okay! It was one helluva day. We swam, sang, and basically, drank up liquor. There were too much stories to tell about the whatevers of our life for the past 2 years. Although most of the class wasn't able to come due to   some problems with their school schedule, it was fun. Basically, the day went on smoothly. Endpoint of the story? You'd never know what you'd become someday. It's always good to look back to where you came from. The people whom you've been with has always this "impact" on your life. Cherish them. One day, you might just realize how you miss them. And you might just need them back to your life :)
xo, readysetdrool.

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