1:36 AM.

It's kind of late to be procrastinating. I have to finish 1 family nursing care plan and proof-read everything. There's heaps to do but i'm seriously not doing anything. Somehow, it made me realize how lazy I am. I want to finish everything now. But here I am, facing Kim Heechul. ROFL. Faro-out?!  He's so pretty I can't even believe he's a HE. WTF Kim Heechul. You were in my country days ago, and sure, you made every fangirl scream. ><
"사랑해요 김희철 우유빛깔 김희철"
-the lines i've clearly heard when i was on a phone patch with ate Marie.
This post is so random, I could die. XD

xo, readysetdrool.