Because it was Super Show 3 Manila Day. I had to avoid home. Fast forward to what happened that day, when everyone was fangirling over THE amazing Super Junior. :D

It was a gloomy day for gloomy emotions. mwahahha.

 Avoiding home and some people was the only thing I could do that day. So I went to Arirang (Ahjumma Agnes' store), The Korean store located near Victoria Plaza. I stayed there for uhhh 5 hours? Yeah. I was depressed like that. \m/

Ahjumma JaSun (자순) Invited me to watch this very nice movie about a pastor who had cancer. It was a real story and it was really really beautiful. (Although I  wasn't really able to finish the whole movie f a i l.)

While I was there, I ate Melona, Some Korean Junk food, and Ramyun! I was totally devouring over Korean goodies. Ahjumma might have felt my saddnes because she prepared additional Kimchi for me. XD

Ramyeun and Kimchi
xo, readysetdrool.


  1. Ah, Ahjumma seems to be a very nice person =] and the ramyeun looks delish.

  2. She is sssoooo nice!! :3 lol. and haha the ramyeun was hott!