Okay Fangirling tonight because I CANNNN!!! FYEAH!! 

1. Kim Jang Hoon with. Kim Heechul - Breakups Are So Like Me 
- Prince Manager WAS here 김정훈 (KIM JEONGHUN!!!) mwahahaaaaa. The song was really good plus the MV? PERFECT. I don't really have to tell you more about Heenim because what you see is what you get. That's him. TBH, I didnt spazzed much on Heenum because I don't miss him. I just saw him this morning on that interview from the army. kkkkk.

2. 비스트 - 니가 제일 좋아 - B2ST'S I Like You the Best
 - After 48 years, CUBE Entertainment has finally uploaded the Continuation MV of Beauty. God, the boys are sooooooooo cute! Acting like gangsters and bad guys. Wait. Actually, no. It didnt suited Dongwoon. He looks like an Arab sidekick beside Junhyung and Yoseop. :)))))) Everything else was appropriate, if that's the right word. Lala. I love Doojoon. I love that Beats. XD 

3. CN Blue - In My Head
- The concept was dark. But it turned out smoking hottttt. Kang Minhyuk on ze drums was beyond perfection. He's so good, IDEEEEE -_-



슈퍼주니어 - A-CHA!  

Although SMEnt failed to give us another stage for them, it was pretty good. Very well done. Wookie was duuh, being himself. And so is Shiwon. The costumes were fine. Not much drama on the clothes. The only problem is the stage. Gah. Why do you have to be so stingy with the boys? Do you hate them or something? Lol. But I can't hate SME. Just give them what they deserve - EQUAL / FAIR TREATMENT and everything will be FIIIINNNEEEE XD However, it sucks seeing only 8 members dancing. GDI it's too painful in the eyes. Hahahha. XD I swear I saw Kibum sneaking behind Shindong! >:)

xo, readysetdrool.

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