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A few hours ago, I found myself talking with Arrene outside McDonalds Bajada. We were having a good convo about random stuff and catching up with our lives when this young boy approached our table. This young boy was carrying with him a Tupperware, I then had an idea that this boy was selling peanuts. Because we had no money to buy something from McDonald's, I told the boy that I was getting 2 packs of peanuts from him. (A pack costs P5.00, btw). I noticed something unusual from the boy the moment he came nearer. The clear view of how young he was. I asked for his age and he answered me in a small voice, "NINE". Upon hearing that word, it was as if my world shooked. "HE WAS FUCKING 9 YEARS OLD, AND YET, HE'S OUT IN THE STREETS, THIS LATE, SELLING  PEANUTS." Since I was such a "pakealamera", I added questions to the boy. I asked him if he was still attending school, what grade he was in and why he was working. He never hesitated to answer back though, maybe because he was polite? Or because we were too nice to buy something for him? IDK. Nonetheless, His answers to my questions were, Yes, he was still going to school, he's in grade two, and he was selling peanuts because he had no classes. To add, he verbalized "di ko kauli pag di ni mahurot kay masuko si mama sa ako" - I can't go home if I can’t sell everything tonight because mom will get mad at me. That last line made me really mad at her mom. Seeing at how young this boy was, I apprehended that he should be at home, studying or, playing with his siblings. Instead, he was in the streets, SELLING PEANUTS to feed his family. Although I cannot blame his mother for that, but I don't get the point why the boy had to suffer. -_- Bla. The point is, I was touched with the boys courage to fight with life’s privation by helping himself and his parents. Life was never unfair, because I do think God will never give us any problems that we cannot solve. Moreover, poverty was never a reason why people decided not to help themselves. It was their choice. Not God's. SO DON'T BLAME God for whatever bullshits in life you have right now. Instead, we have to thank him for giving us these trials. These were given for us to learn, get up and succeed. XD 

xo, readysetdrool.

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