Life's been .... these past few days. IDEK what I am really feeling right now. Mixed emotions. kkkk. -_- There's duty, fangirl life and there's minor subjects being such bitches. I have to find ways of managing my life. IDK. Maybe a little motivation will do? But what is it? What do I really want to have? Happiness? Most probably. :l

One entry I should've written 2 days ago; I was in the brink of talking back to the NOD because she was just plain awful. She was treating (?) us as if we were dumb-ass, brainless student nurses. To be honest, I found her really rude for that. Knowing that she's the HEAD nurse of the ward we were in, she should have been our exemplar. Seriously maam, were you not a student before? A little respect for us, students who are just learning would be of a big deal.

Because I felt really stupid after what she did to ME, and couldn't really stop myself from babbling to my classmates, I just walked out and wrote this note to MYSELF.
      You didn't do well today. Please be conscious of what you have to write and what you have written on the chart. Damnit. JUST FOCUS. And for the record, she called you TWICE! DAMN. Do well tomorrow! Don't humiliate yourself. And maam, please tame down. Love, student nurse who felt like crap being stepped on.
xo, readysetdrool.

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