Let's call him, Dodong. He's young, smart, Indonesian and *coughcutecough* LOLOLOL. Early this morning, when he passed by the ward, (HE'S A DOCTOR @ 22 YEARS OLD. DAMN HE'S JUST SMART)  I had all the guts in the world to talk to him. When he was already near, I asked him using my friendly voice "DOC, CAN WE HAVE A PHOTO WITH YOU?" And he replied, "ANO?" *what* - in a very cuteeeeee adorable sweet way. So I had to repeat the question again. After finally getting what I was uttering (I suppose); he answered, "LATER" with the SMILE. AAWERGTHGTEARDSFG. Because I was the "KULIT" *annoying* nurse, I responded back "SIGE NA DOC..." trying hard to be cute, of course but it never works on me. He just gave me that 100 molar smile and walked away since he was very busy. I was kind of waiting for him to pass by again but he never did OR maybe he was trying to avoiding me? LOOOL. I have 2 weeks to get a shot with him. Rawr and by all means, I'm getting that photo!!!!! Haha. ->Desperate FANGIRL. I'll update IF it'll be GOAL MET. Will probably do a NURSING BITCH PLAN as advised by Mimi. 
xo, readysetdrool.

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