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Some of you guys know how much I ship HanChul. It's the only pair I can go with... uhm well I also LOVE JjongKey. But this is something else. While I was browsing through this HanChul tumblog, this certain entry caught my attention. Guys, HanChul is HanChul. There's a special line that connects them. And I miss them. TOGETHER. Knowing how things turned out for both of them, it was not easy. Especially with how much hatred I've felt for something one of them has done. IDK anymore. :l

Top 5 Bestfriends in Kpop | Super Junior Heechul and Han Geng (HanChul)

“I can’t hide the feeling knowing that my close friend leaves me. I just can’t hide my sadness knowing I can’t share my feelings with him. Honestly, I miss Hangeng so much. I wish you will always be happy and remember me as your best friend” - Heechul talking on Youngstreet. 
I could honestly list a billion reasons why these two are such an amazing pair of best friends but I don’t wanna be writing some sort of essay so I’ll just be listing three. The first being is that everyone knows Heechul is a cold person. He doesn’t open up to a lot of people and rumour has it most of the trainee’s are/were scared of him. The fact that a foreigner, who spoke little korean, was able to break down those walls will always surprise me. Second, Hankyung is a pretty open and friendly guy. He plays the ‘lost foreigner’ really well but when he is around Heechul he changes. I honestly find it hard to explain but it’s as if when he is with Heechul, he is a bit more real, a bit more comfortable. Like having Heechul there with him helps him loosen up. And lastly, and perhaps the most important one really, is the fact that they are - for the lack of a better word - so domestic. Each photo they take together, each time their on stage together, their smiles are always genuine and they just seem so comfortable in each others presence, as if they’ve known each other longer than the 10 years that they spent together. They are how best friends should be and that’s what I love about them.
credits: ohmyhanchul 
xo, readysetdrool.

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