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This photo (im not herelolol) was taken last September29, 2011 @ SPC Gym; minutes before THE NURSING ANGELS TEAM WAS ANNOUNCED AS THE CHAMPIONS of the Intramurals. I am writing this entry from MY point of view, a NURSING ANGELS' point of view. You may leave your hateful / lovely comments below. Freedom of speech is still being followed

You see, a lot of "controversies" have happened during the intrams. People from the other (3) teams were trying to team up against us, nurses. We've heard enough frets and trashtalks from them since DAY 1. At first, we tried our best not to talk back because it'd be very childish to do so. Unfortunately, everything worsened. At day 2, one team leader asked the other teams to collaborate and cheer for each other which leaves the nursing angels going solo. We never intended to bring up this "theme", UNTIL you forced us to stand up. Seriously, teaming up against us meant only one thing: YOU WERE THREATENED. Ang to be honest, I don't have any idea why you thought about that. I mean, this was supposed to be a friendly competition. But started it the other way. You trash talked, you fretted, you said bad mouthed us. And when we decided to stand up against all of you, you then insist that it was us who started the fight. Well for your information, the nursing angels would never NEVER EVER start a fight, unless we are being pushed to fight back. Day 3 came. Informal cheerdance day. We won 1st. We were happy, we celebrated but what did you do? You talked nonsense again. Thus, we were able to compose "WHO RUN THE WORLD, NURSE!" line. After all, we wont give up without giving a good fight. Sorry naman. >:) Skip to day 6! LAST DAAAAY! 6PM: Awarding Ceremony. When each team leaders were given a chance to have a speech, 2 out of 3 made a very good speech. They even apologized for the all the things that had happened. The speaker from red ** team gave out the best speech of the night! I mean it was not even written beforehand. She spoke without any copies. God she was just good in talking! To end this post, I wish that certain team good luck. We won this year, so please stop the talk. We played fair and square, well, you were there. Just, stop talking. K thanks bye. <3
xo, readysetdrool.

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