Family Line.

This is my family's "genogram". My cousin, Nico asked my lola if she could trace down our line. And lucky enough, Lola was able to do it! Proudly! 

1.)    A Musician – He plays the trumpet(wind instrument), the string instruments-guitar, bass, tenor, banjo, banduria. At 8 years old he was already principal player in their school rondalla. Today he continues to play the banduria at mass-PM Chapel, Bangkal, DC
2.)    World War II Veteran – he joined the guerilla in 1942 at the age 19. He was the company bugler. He was only 4th year high school then. He was the company clerk of 1st battalion, 85th Infantry Regiment, Bohol Command. Also served as the Acting First Sergeant. He went to the firing line first in Loon to ambush the Japanese foot patrol. Second in Balilihan town to attack the Japanese garrison. Before reaching their target sight, Lolo stopped to urinate, a friend(who was very aggressive )  took his rifle and ran ahead who unfortunately got shot and wounded when the Japanese fired back. This friend survived and still living till now. Lolos work as clerk was to prepare all kinds of communications and the roster of troops. He could do this then because he was in his 4th year high. Some of their officials only finished grade four level.
3.)    Profession – After the war he proceeded with his studies using Educational Veterans Benefit. First he finished Asscociate in Commercial Science and the Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Business Administration, minor in Accounting in Jose Rizal College in Manila.
4.)    Employment – Lolo got employed at the Davao Coca cola Plant in May 1, 1950. He started as a clerk then promoted to time keeper, to billing and recording current accounts, and eventually as company cashier for 20 years. He retired from the company as cashier at the age of 65
5.)    Hobbies- tennis player from 1965 until 2008 when he suffered dislocation on his right shoulder while serving.

  1. Educational Accomplishments:
1.)    A HIGH SCHOOL VALEDICTORIAN AT THE Bohol Provincial High School in Tagbilaran, Bohol
2.)    Finished Bachelor on Science Education major in English and Mathematics, Cum Laude.
3.)    Finished Master of Arts, major in Administration with distinguished honors
  1. Employment:
1.)    High School teacher in mathematics at the Davao City High School, the biggest high school in the city.
2.)    Part time teacher in the college of mathematics at a local university – 1972 to 1990
3.)    Promoted head teacher in Mathematics – 1979 to 1980
4.)    Became assistant principal of DCHS -1980 to 1990
5.)    Promoted Regional Supervisor in Mathematics, Region xi, based in Davao City
6.)    Finally promoted Assistant Chief- Secondary Education Division, DECS Region XI
7.)    After retirement, employed as principal of Distance Learning High School for 10 years
8.)    Wrote modules in Mathematics and Science for use in the Distance Learning High School in the city and neighboring cities. These classes meet once a week only, that’s why students need the modules.

NOTE:           Nico, your mama and her siblings received honors during their elementary, high school and college days.


P.S That Final note from lola made me go "WHAT THE FARK HAPPENED TO ME?" hahahha. unlike my aunts and uncles, I can't even tell what happened. LMFAO. Maybe i went the wrong way?
xo, readysetdrool.

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