Earlier, when I was sulking at my mom's clinic, i decided to clean up my almost-bursting-inbox. I have this sick ritual of not deleting cheesy lines even though it just says "i miss you. haha" or "dan, ily" something like that, which unfortunately would pile up on my inbox and makes my phone quite laggy. Upon reaching my nth sms, I saw this message which I've written 4 months ago. I am kind of sure that I was watching mbank when I was writing this short message during a perf of this rookie boy group. Believe me, this short  message just came out randomly from my mind. Here goes the gibberish:
Comparing to other boy groups who's members hasn't grown armpit hairs yet, Super Junior has been in this crazy industry for 6 years now. To probably add the years of training before the "debut". I'm getting delusional right now. I have to admit that I have never seen myself fangirling over some other boys group like I do with them. Every time I see or hear anything about them, I go ihsdrefajwdosnfhkbglyeia. That's the most I can do. Lololol. Maybe Super Junior is really different Armpit hairs? Yes, Cho Kyuhyun has a lot to offer.. <3
Lol SEEEEE Was that even relevant? IDK either. Just random. God knows how much I love Super Junior. <3333 
xo, readysetdrool.

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