birthday dinner!

Hey guys! This is the only "clear" photo I got from last night's birthday party. Ate Jen, Kuya Jm and I had our birthday celebrations together with Ate Ken, Lee, Jo, Carla, Karla, Tetet a.k.a the crazy trolls! We had dinner at 소망 김치 (Somang Kimchi Restaurant) located at Bajada, just right in front of Victoria Plaza. :) The food was great *duh it's korean dish!*. We had Bibimbap, Kimchi Chigae, Kimbap, Bulgogi, heaps of side dishes for the main dish and cake and ice cream for dessert! It was a fun night with them, especially when we went to Arirang (Korean Store). Tetet treated everyone with Peppero just because she had a lot of money to spend.. OR NOT? Lol. After paying for the Peppero, we decided to hang out outside of the store, when 3 kids started to annoy us. They were just adjfhubgei;kmda ANNOYING!! They weren't that entertaining, until one of the kids started to sing "TEACH ME HOW TO JO-GE". That shit started to make us sing it continuously and made Karla do a dance step out of Siwon's Mr. Simple pose. What made it more hilarious was when we asked her to dance in front of a NO PARKING SIGN, ALONE. LMFAO Sorry Karla. Your reputation was partly damaged. XD We had to go home early though because most of them are living in the far side from downtown. iahfubgewudjio;sadlzcnkhbguye I love you Trolls!
Ate Bam WE MISS YOU!!!! <3  
xo, readysetdrool.

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