Last Man Standing.


I know I'm in the right fandom, praising the right IDOLS. TBH, this isn't just about the fanchants and the fanservice. It's about the love shared between two parties. This boy group gave us a lot of things, faith, joy, smiles, even hatred. You have to agree with me on that okay. It was never an easy track we had to walk through. Dramas, lies, pretensions. We've been through everything with them. Nevertheless, they were also the ones who lifted up our  spirits, to overcome the pain and to smile again. WHATEVER. Lol. Cheesy line is cheesy. <3 GOD, I'M VERY THANKFUL FOR THIS GROUP, FOR ALL THE FRIENDS I'VE MADE IN THE FANDOM AND FOR THE TRIALS. They made it this far, and they will have more anniversary's to celebrate. They even defined      "SCREW-YOU-5-YEAR-CURSE". Indeed, they are the LAST MAN STANDING.

Thank you. Thank you SUPER JUNIOR. Thank you for being Park Jungsu, Kim Heechul, Hankyung, Kim Jongwoon, Kim Youngwoon, Shin Donghee, Lee Sungmin, Lee Hyukjae, Lee Donghae, Choi Siwon, Kim Ryeowook, Kim Kibum, Cho Kyuhyun, ZhouMi, Henry Lau. It has been a very beautiful journey with you. 

2,190 days / 312 weeks / 72 months / 13 men / 6 years / 5 albums / 4 subgroups / 3 successful concert tours / 1 fandom / 1 group / 1 family.


오빠, 정말 감사합니다 <3

1. BIASr : KIM KIBUM. 김기범

2. I memorized all thirteen members' names, yes or no? [ be honest ] :  UH NO? OF COURSE!

3. Only 13 or 13 + 2 :  15. FUCK YOU ONLY13.

4. How many pictures do you have of suju [ you dont have to be exact ] : You have no idea.

5. Have you ever switched favorite members? [ be specific who ] : Siwon to Kibum. <3

6. Cutest member : Kim Ryeowook!

7. Hottest member : Choi Siwon!

[ for question number 8, they all need to be different ]

8 (a). Member you would like to marry : Im married. Meet my husband, Kibum<3

8 (b). Member you would like to date : Zhoumi. Beat that!

8 (c). Member you would like as a best friend : Kyuhyun.

8 (d). Member you would like as a pet, what animal : Sungmin :3

9. Prettiest member : Heechul. No other answers.

10. Best singer : KIBUM. HA!

11. Member you think deserves more love than they get : Hangeng. <3

12. Member you think is most like yourself : Kangin.

13. Member you find yourself jealous of all the time and why: Henry. Because he's the sweetest guy i've ever known.

14. Best dressed member : PAK JUNGSU. THAT AHJUSSI. and ZHOUMI!!!! <333

15. Funniest member : Hyukjae <3

16. Weirdest couple : TeukMin. HAHA SORRY

17. OTP [ one true pairing ] : HanChul. Fuck they're real!

xo, readysetdrool.

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