Afego;huraeojwwefrg. The Kibum feels I have for years has been ignited once more. Much much better feels for Kibum. FAasfgrafaaah. This started last night when I really felt bored, I started to look out for Kibum facts, watched old clips from youtube, basically it was half stalking. Then I came up with this certain blog which Saehee's photos were uploaded and dang, you can really tell the beauty of these siblings. LOL So I tweeted her with that, as stated above. 

Just this evening, I was with mama troll, kuya Jm and Carla cause we did some spazzing for EXO (new babies<3) and we were about to go home when I decided to check on @welovekibum's account. TBH, I wasn't really expecting anything. I just wanted to tweet about the current project we have for Kibum's upcoming drama When...BAMMMM! Kim Saehee replied to my tweet from the previous night. God knows what my reactions were when I read it. I literally broke down, screamed (the most) to the trolls. IRDK why I did that tho. Something tells me that all the patience / LOYALTY that I have for this guy has actually paid off. It makes me feel secured that Kibum is pretty much aware that we exist. I was just sooo happy about this. GOSH. And as of the moment, i'm still smiling. 

LOOOL. Good thing Kuya Jm's reflexes were so fast he took a crazy video of me breaking down / going ecstatic / wild. Best line of the night? "BEING A KIBUM FAN IS HARD *CRIES* 
xo, readysetdrool.

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