shoe fettish

By far the best compliment I got from mum lately was when I went shopping with her last Sunday. She was looking for some decent clothes for Singapore while I was busy fainting over those beautiful shoes on the rack. I swear if only I had heaps of money, I would've bought everything! When I was trying out a pair boots, she just told me "Achie, shoe fettish kaayo ka, as in." (Achie, you're such a shoe fettish) and I just told her how much I adore shoes. I can wear heels the whole day without getting tired and even run with them! But nah she didn't get me the shoes :( 

Hopefully when I get in that job I applied for, the first thing I'll be doing is to get some nice heels from Aldo. :> (A part of my salary will be for my savings. I seriously have to save up more this year :3)
xo, readysetdrool.

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