Black Day

Spent the day with Mama troll (Ate Ken), Kuya Jm, Rev and Carla to celebrate the "Black day"- which is the contradictory of the Valentines day in Korea. It is also when single people in Korea get together and eat Jajjangmyeon (black bean sauce noodles) to celebrate their singlehood. 

Although the other trolls weren't there, I still had fun. Mama troll informed us that we will be having our Jajjangmyeon in Seoulga because she wanted to watch Music Core but when we got there, to her dismay, the cable wasn't working. Haha. She just went *ayyy*. Other than jajjangmyeon, we had Pajeon, Kimbap, Bibimbbap, Pajeon and Patbingsu :)) Yus this is how we eat. Lol. When we were done eating, we decided to go to Gaisano mall to check out the bla bla for the bla bla. I'm not gonna give out hints here. TROLL. :> After checking out that thing we went to The Peak and had a small "meeting" it was very fun cause we couldn't stop laughing at Kuya Jm's jokes and some trolling. Then we went inside the mall cause it was terribly hot outside, we stayed at the food court and finished our meetings plus we trolled Lee and Ate Jen, telling them we were coming to their houses when in fact they're not there. Lol. Lee's expression was DAEBAK. HAHAHA. However I had to leave early since my parents weren't home yet and I still have to take care of my siblings. They went to Someplace Else to have Sisha. Poor mama troll, she's so innocent about that. Lolol. 

Thank you Rev and Kuya JM for paying for the Kimbab, Bibimbap, Patbingsu, Ice creams and the tricycle fares. 
xo, readysetdrool.

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