Hello guys! August has started pretty well - of course it always does, mainly because it is Kibum's birthday month! Anyway, I have moved with grandma recently. Talk about leaving mum dad and siblings...(Insert the Principle of Double Effect, idk why but yeah). So grandma's doing fine except that she's somehow having a hard time with her dyspnea problems, which worries me a lot. Becoming her personal nurse btw makes me anxious tyvm. Moving on....Leaving with grandma means leaving somewhere VERY far from down town. I had to take 2 jeepney rides / almost an hour drive! :3 Since then I learned to SAVE. I was able to save more or less 70.00/day because I make sure I bring my lunch with me,  and makes sure that in between meals were irrelevant. lol. Although I managed to save up well, I had to endure the consequences. SHOPPING. I can't elaborate the word well by writing so here's what I've got since August started:

shoe fettish bebe! PRP, Payless and Debenhams XD

a shirt from July!

Some clothes / stuff that I bought weren't uploaded because I left them at home (original home lol). Gah. Obviously I have over spent this month. D:

P.S. Sorry for the very LQ photos. I don't have a decent camera here with me XD
what i'm wearing for tomorrow's
nursing acquaintance
party. XD
sexy pretty simple dress....

xo, readysetdrool.

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