Jumping from my forever love for Britney Spears, STEPS, Backstreet Boys, Hi-5, Parokya ni Edgar, Eraserheads, Callalily to all OPM bands to Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park and The Click Five, I ended up with KPOP. To be honest, my life as a fangirl is pretty fun. Constant changes with my genre was something I never imagined doing. Last saturday, I was reunited with one of the first love-s tof my life. Callalily. Although it was saddening that Alden (former guitarist) was no longer with the band. (He was actually my bias when the group started. Maybe because he was so cute then? Imagine the long straight hairs that they once wore. Gosh Tatsi was uhm no. Unlike today, the dude's really really cute!! ) It was still worth the reunion. Or shall I say, meeting up with them, finally?! Here goes the point of this blog entry. I am in love with Lemuel. He's the amazingdopeshitgorgeouskiller  drummer of the band. I've already told you what happened that night and its just that everything's going unto the next level. I mean. My feelings for Lem. Damnit. I know, I know. Idol-fans. X, no, cannot be, impossible, wtf. But you see, OPM artists are way way reachable compared to my oppars. *coughKibumcough*. Everything I do, I always end up thinking about how kulit he is. Especially when we had the chance to make "kulitan" with each other during the gig. :3 So Hi Lem. One day you'll be able to read this and yeah, I like you already. LMFAO weird, right!? In the crowd, I think it was only me who cheered the most for you. Damnitt Dan. Stop. Okay then. Let's see what happens next. Haha. Wait. Lem. Lemmm. It's always about you right now. A few days may pass by and eventually I'll get over the giddy feels but dasfgtrawedsflorj. There's only 1 thing i'd like right now. Recognize me, as your fan... because....
there are things worth the wait. and you're one of it. 
xo, readysetdrool.

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