Because it's the Nurses week. Everything is relevant. 
Lots of good news!
There was a speaker this morning who was very smart in talking, damn he's so intelligent in giving tips on how to pass the board exam. Also the NLE December results are out and there were 8 top notchers from my College. Lastly, my college was said to be the 8th top ranking school producing 8 topnotchers! 

I'm so proud of my school, of course with my friends / past practicing ci's too. Now all the pressure's on us! I can feel the pain already. But you know what they say, "NO PAIN, NO GAIN". Must endure everything until December. First, I must comply with everything. Ugh I hate all these paper works they're giving us, it's like an unending pile of junk ready to be burned afterwards. 

Tip to everyone:
"Study SMART not HARD."

xo, readysetdrool.

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