One more step.

Gala pictorial for the yearbook today. Considering it as one step closer to one of my life's biggest achievements.

Dogshow brothers. because we're so good in trolling. hoho
of course we wouldn't forget our insta poses. Lol my "approve" pose!
Photo with my dogshow brothers, Joe and Hanz. Our friendship is quite different because we only got this close when the head nursing rotation started. We were assigned at St. Dominic's Ward on different shifts yet we've always made it a point to troll people. lololol

With some of the barkada. Mona, Joe, Mara, Jezz, Jon and Kevin. 4D. Dato, Dugong Bughaw. Crazy people in one section is way way way  mad! 
xo, readysetdrool.

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