This day wasnt really one of the days when I'm very happy about my course. It started yesterday, when after having our hospital duties, one of our classmate, approached me and my other groupmates, teary-eyed. Half smiling and said "I'm shifting to another course," Just with those words it made me go "WTF". I am quite suddened with the fact that 3 of my classmates are/were already leaving. I can't understand why the hell do they have to do that. 2nd year. 2nd semester. That's halfway before we graduate. All the sleepless nights, random rants about each subject. They were just being thrown away. JUST LIKE THAT. I know I am not on the position to just judge them and nag. But the point is, it is POINTLESS to just leave everything behind. We've been in soo much pain just to reach this far. You have seen me when I complain about my subjects and then these people just leaves everything. My heart's like being crushed when one of them didn't even dared to say anything about her, leaving. What's the point of even starting, when, when you're almost done, you just give up?! AISH. I AM MAD. IDK WHY. I have no particular reason why I should be. Just FUCK. Why are you giving up? Because you aren't meant to be for nursing? What the hell. That's not a very good reason. Plus. I know not all of us had the chance to choose for our courses to take. I wasn't forced. I asked for GOD's guidance on which course to take. He gave me this. With open arms, I embraced my destiny. We all had our chances but not all of us had the chance to properly think it over and decide. And I think that's what's happening right now. They are standing up for what makes them truly happy. They think nursing is not for them. That they cannot see themselves being an ANGEL in the SICKROOM. To serve others. 2 years. Not really wasted. Just wasn't the best decision. Earlier, when we had our 9am class, we were just joking about who'd be leaving next. Who's brave enough to face the wrath and the fulfilling crap of nursing. As for me? I'm taking the challenge. I aint giving up. I will stay. So for the record, I had this "small contract" with my highschool best friend, Joanna. To shorten up the crazy "agreement", it states, that after our graduation (2 years from now**hopefully), we will be going around the world! ROFLROFL.

Too much talk now. I need to study. I will try my best to get good grades this sem. I shall graduate in 2 years. AS A NURSE :)
xo, readysetdrool.

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