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Last night, Ate Angel (a.k.a cheonsa23) wrote something about "fandom and the youth." 
What Parents Cannot Understand About Fandom

As many of you guys know, I am one of those "kids" who are currently fighting to win this battle against fandom. It did something to me, It made me see life, on a different perspective

What is fandom? 
According to Urbandictionary
Fadom is Fan Domain . 

The microcosm made up of people who are fans of a fiction genre, or of a subgenre, who have their own clubs, conventions and amateur magazines (fanzines).... Concisely, it's like a group of people who does, speak of, spazz over the same thins. Mainly about something that brings them up together.

There's this reality that not only I can agree on. Fandom is like a diversion from the depraved things around us, as Ate Angel said on her blog. 

I couldn't really say that I was raised perfectly by my parents either. At one point of my life, I was with this awful, immoral, wicked group of friends. It was something really unimaginable. We do things so mean, we could've been locked in jail. But you see how God works? He decided to make me sick, gave me Mononeuritis Multiplex, made me suffer for almost a year (got in and out of the hospital),  had to be inside the ICU for sometime, stopped a year from attending school. Everything else followed. It wasn't that good. However, that experience introduced me FANDOM. KPOP and  ADDICTION (the good one)
That incident in my life was something I couldn't just leave behind. It was a cruel memory of who and what I was, years ago. Thus, fandom changed me. It made me know my priorities in life. Education, friends cough*family*cough. Sorry for the last part. That was fallacy .I'm not in good terms with my father. YOU KNOW WHY. Let's not talk about that. *Skips part.* 

Now, what made me write this blog is because of what Ate Angel wrote. It's about how parents should be thankful about KPOP. I hope every parent could just read what she wrote and then would nod and in some ways, would say "I agree. Kpop is something precious. I will support my child with her happiness". I could not even understand why parents go "anti-kpop" or something. Kpop artists are also human. They don't eat children. What they do is share out their music, act adorable and play.....and make us broke. ROFL. 

Another thing. Fandom is everyone's home. They make friends, and spazz like there's no tomorrow. I have grown up too. Met new people from across the world and sometimes, we share our personal lives too. We were given the chance to compromise about everything! 

I do hope one day, everyone's unruly discernment about KPOP and FANDOM will change. Instead, understand it's meaning. It's like you, getting addicted with Harry Potter, Twilight, Manga and the likes too, you know. :)
xo, readysetdrool. 

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