10 years, short time. However, there is so much more than to all the abusive words and all the hateful critisms we have shared. He's more than my best friend. He's my alter ego, my confidant.

 In the long run of life, I may have stumbled a thousand times, yet, he was one of the few beings who lifted up my soul. >:) I'm being so random today (Blame TOBY-my twin) for being so evil. Maybe I just need to see / talk to my ultimate crappy best friend again, because honestly speaking; it has been a while since we've had a real serious convo. Catching up with our lives is needed. I wonder how he deals with life atm, since he's a million miles away - (IN FXXKING MANILA!) Anyway, the day he told me he was transferring, I thought my world was wrecked. It was a huge lie telling him that I will be fine, knowing that we will be separated for a long time. Hence, the separation anxiety started to crawl up. I have to be straightforward; I started to look for another guy best friend. IRDK why I was born like this. However, guy / men best friends were important to me, with a LOOT of reasons. Believe me. They're 78% better best friends. (SORRY I'M NOT BEING BIASED HERE ><) Blaa. Blaa. Gian AND MIKKO, I MISS YOU so fxxking much. <3 

Nonsense topic inserted here:
I just found my twin. He is TOBY; pure evil, and cool. If I am right, we almost have the same “hobbies”. Photography, TECHIE, MOVIES. Music and guess what? HE LIKES TO GO EMO. BAHAHA. We’re on the same group for the clinical duties plus, we do have the same BIRTHDAY. LAAAAMEEEE. XD Hey KUYA (older brother), if you ever get to read this: >:)  i swear, i'd be a good sister. >:)  NOT.

xo, readysetdrool.

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