Mr. Simple isn't that SIMPLE after all.

With he MV being released, Lee Hyukjae shuffling my bias list, Wookie being SO damn Beki Shisus glittering and Music Bank Comeback Stage (SUPER MAN AND MR.SIMPLE!) Could I still possibly be asking for more? HELLLL NOOO!!! The superiors are officially back and they are topping the charts soo bad anti's are hysterical! Lmao. Sorry man. 

Anyway, here's the catch, Lee Donghae mentioned it'd be the last album for now, and so we, ELF went cry cry. This is seriously too much. 3 missing members isn't that good either. >:( 

When I opened twitter earlier, ate bam (WOTARRMAYLEN) linked me to this terrible site. HER TUMBLR. Twas horrible because of this letter. I hope you'd find time to read and fully understand. These were MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. The emotional thoughts of someone who've been faithful enough to support, wait, love and grow up together with these boys. Sure, I wasn't there when they debuted nevertheless, I saw them how they broke down in tears after receiving heaps of awards. It was never an easy road to success. But they MANAGED. They are SUPERIORS.

The lettter: 
Dear Super Junior,

This is it.
This is the last. You say it’s just for now. But the cold truth remains that after this, I have no other assurance of a next. I am scared and I know that even if you do not show it, even if you hide it in your smiles, you are scared too.
It has been a wonderful journey.
As we reach the end of our road, I take time to remember how it all started. How I ended up walking this path and how I came up knowing you. It’s difficult trying to remember these things when tears are continuously flowing on my cheeks. I guess, I’ll just let it flow and maybe it will tell the story itself.
Thank you. Thank you for all the memories.
Some will never understand why I laugh, why I cry, why I smile, why I mirror everything that you feel. On why a group of fifteen boys that are essentially strangers left such a huge impact on my world. I cannot fully explain it myself. I can never do. In as much as I try to make sense out of it, I only end up with the simple fact that it’s because I love you.
I don’t know how it started and I don’t even know if it will end. It must have been when one of you caught my eye and I tried to learn more about you so I can learn about him. 
It’s funny, right? How I only intended to know one but ended up loving all of you? I can’t help it. You made me laugh, made me cry, made me realize a lot of things… you made me see the beauty in each and everyone of you. You are never perfect. And you made that clear the first time we met. You are as ordinary and as flawed as the next boy I’d see on the street. You are as imperfect as me.You are abnormally normal, it makes you special in my eye. You are everything I never looked for and suddenly you are everything that I want.
You are the type that I would easily pass by a street and would not notice; but you are also the kind wherein when I do, I will find it hard to let go.
You weren’t that much back then, do you remember? It has been very hard for you. But to see you strive your way and fight against those struggles to be where you are right now… I saw it all. And looking back through all those times, I could only cry because I have never seen such courage and determination unfold right before my eyes. You unknowingly taught me how to be strong, how to find my dream, to chase it, and to keep my feet on the ground after everything. We have never shared a cup of coffee nor a casual afternoon talk but you have made me laugh until tears come out of my eyes. You have brightened some of my darkest days and you have made me smile during those times when I can’t hardly look at the world straight in the eye.
Thank you. Thank you for being there.
You do not have any idea how your existence added color to my world. You say that you are the one who’s supposed to be thankful… I guess we just have to say thank you to each other then. You have been a constant companion. Like the best friend who has always been there even after a stressful day when all I ever want to do is stuff my face with ice cream and lie lazily in bed. The kind who I would leave alone as I talk to new ones but will always welcome me with open arms once I come running back after my heart has been broken.
In loving you, I met great people too. And together we’ve become a family. You showed us what real love means. The kind of love that keeps you fighting even if the odds are against you. The kind of love that is pure, the one that never doubts; the kind that believes in promises of forever even if the world says that there is none. The love that doesn’t turn its back on something that is lost. The love so powerful it can keep things together.
You’ve changed so much from the twelve boys dancing and singing about miracles with hope stark naked on their faces. You’ve grown from twelve… to thirteen… got divided into groups… had additional two in the family. And then started fading with one, and then two. There were promises of returning but it’s like holding on to something a little less palpable than the air touching your skin. But when the third went away, so sudden, it felt like a bad dream we have to wake up to.
It was painful. But you stayed strong. You kept the smile on your faces and you kept the faith in you.
You taught me about acceptance and standing up for what I believe is right. You have been on a lot of complicated situations but you always try your best to make things better. You stood up for the two and embraced them wholeheartedly even if others might turn their backs on you. You try to ease things out so that nobody will get hurt. It’s a tough job and pain is inevitable, but you still did it.
You taught me the definition of friendship, brotherhood, family, and love. The kind that doesn’t hide the truth but tries as much as it can to conceal the hurt just to protect the one they love. You tried your best not to talk about it; you hid the pain in as much as you can so I will not worry about you. I cannot see the three and I miss them so much but you smile and talk like they are still there. How stupid of me… of course they are still there. They will always be there. In your hearts… like it has always been.
You sing to me about miracles but you do not know that the miracle is you.
It has been a wonderful journey and life has never been better. You’ve touched my life in ways you have never imagined. Thank you for everything.
“Plenty was shared between us… I’m going to miss you, I’m going to yearn for you. I will never forget, give me a hug, don’t ever forget me, don’t change.”
I promise to believe that I will see you again.
Until then, I will wait.

Your Ever Lasting Friend 

xo, readysetdrool.

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