Cover Groups: XCREW

Truth is, I have never appreciated any KPOP cover groups until I came to know XCREW. NJALFHKBJTYGLAJDKSMFNJVGH. I have yet to thank ATE ANGEL for introducing them to me. Ate, Thank you. I can still remember the pm's we had when we can't stop spazzing about them *WINK*WINK*. More thanks for personally introducing them to me! HA! I got to talk with Jethro, Kuya Ed, Kuya Jerry, Kuya Pipo, Atchie and Jhaney!!!!!! AFSVGAJK'WDPMKLSDJNHIBGLEUYJWADSMZKNJFL. Every time they perform, I wish I was also there cheering for them. I wish that'll happen soon djnfherj;kwda.nfbhegiuljqowdkamn.hbefgr. I CANT STOP SPAZZING ABOUT ATCHIE AND KUYA JERRY RIGHT NOW. DASURI AND KUYA ED'S HAIRSTYLES ARE DAZZLING! KLAFJIEHGJO;IQKMADLNEFSHBGUIJ;KDQAWMSNF. XCREEWWWW I LUFFF YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! P.S I CAN BULLY YOU TOO. OKAY. ONE DAY!!!! >:) 

xo, readysetdrool.

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