Final destination

October 6, 2011 2:38 PM
Kangaroo Company.
Yesterday, Mara and I decided to waste our time AGAIN!. After being ditched by our homeroom teacher just 3 minutes after we hopped unto a jeepney and was supposed to be on our way to school, we decided to hang out at the mall and do NOTHING. This is what I love about being with Mara, we get good food, have a good conversation and just walk, with no destinations. There are some things Mara and I have in common. We love to read books, we/I worship Super Junior, we just love to sit down in random coffee shops drink tea/coffee and READ books, and we don't know what to do with our lives. LOLOL. So yesterday, we were talking about our "future"; our wants, probably. 

So after thinking about what we've talked about earlier, here's a little list of what I'd like to do after thy graduation:
  • Work in the Philippines. WORK. HERE. HOSPITAL. GDI I'm working HERE first before anywhere else! Am I the first? Ikr. 
  • Go to Australia after saving up, get a good life. Might study for a Photography course.
  • VISIT KOREA. There's no way living there! LOLOL. Just knowing for a fact that Korea has a very high cost of living already scares me, I won't settle for that. I might just go there to stalk Prince Manager. >:))
  • BECOME FILTHY RICH. Become a nomad and be anywhere in the world.
See how future-less I am? All I want to do is wait for my future to come and just go with it. No plans, pure destiny. Rawr. I wanna finish college now and work. That's all that matters now. <3

Thank you Mara for everything. You know what I mean. <3 You've always been there for me....for like a year? LOLOL. Either way, thank you. XD 
xo, readysetdrool.

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