bounded by love

11 years worth of happiness, we're still the same, young, immature and men. :> These are my bestfriends, Monik, Mikko and Gian. We used to live in one subdivision but no one really thought we'd become this close. To the point of sleeping side by side. Although destiny decided to play tricks on us, (Mikko's in Canada, Gian in Manila, Monik still live on the same subd but we rarely see each other lol), we still managed to stay in contact with each other. Fun enough, Gian came home last Dec. 21, for Christmas :) 

Yesterday, we agreed to go out and burn our money. Went to Ayala, had lunch at Teriyaki Boy, got to see Master Bryan from Groove Unlimited, Bought Zagu (well Gian treated us),  Went to Victoria (Gian bought new sneakers), Went home for a while. Got in to Skype with Mikko. Here goes the biggest shock of my life. Mikko watches Korean shows. He's done with HB, on the latest ep of RM, he watches Goguma Couple and knows IU!!!! SKLdnfvhafijo. I still can't believe it tho. He's like a cute fanboy while watching YongSeo going "sadfnbgdf" and all. Trololol. Still jealous btw for Canada's very fast internet connection orz. M G and i were supposed to go swimming @ Garden Oases but IDk what happened, maybe M was so hungry we found ourseleves pigging out @ Mcdonalds Bajada. Then we went to Starbucks. And finally, HOME. Gosh it was so perfect, I never wanted to end yesterday. Sucks tho Mikko wasnt there. yeah i just love my mens <33333
xo, readysetdrool.

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