2:47 AM in my country. Nothing makes sense at all as I'm reading my psychia notes for tomorrow's PRE - VERY LONG QUIZ. I was kind of tempted to go online as I have to print out our introduction for our thesis when I decided to give my friend, Twitter a visit. I know there wasn't anyone from ASIA who's online so I went to my private account. Timeline was quiet until I saw this: 
I must NOT have my hopes too high though. I know something beautiful will happen to my Christmas. I know the wait will be worth it. Gian, please don't break my over-reacting-emo heart. I missed you so much you know that. Just make sure you'll give me the best present ever. <3

Using my stalking skills, and I saw this: "NAA NA TICKET OY" ("I already have my ticket") KASDFJNAHWEJDSFNHR. Yes, I'm crying right now. FUFUFUFU men. MUST.KEEEP.CALM. No thanks. <333333

xo, readysetdrool.

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