don't read this post. this is full of nonsense and stupid rants.

i can't fully get your point. you always nag at me like im the only one who commits mistakes here. like THE FUCK. give me a fucking break. you can't even respect what i want. you always tell me to stop this kpop thing. let me tell you one thing. I NEVER ASKED FOR ANY HELP WITH MY STUFF. i always make it a point to save up. 
all you do is nag at me for fucking up my life. you haven't seen me really happy here because i am not. all i've always wanted is for you to at least RESPECT me and the things i love. the only reason i can't get out of this fucking life is because im still depending on you (which is really.... frustrating). you keep on telling me that i can't do anything about it. WELL HELL YES. I CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT BECAUSE YOU CANT ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOUR KIDS ARE GROWING UP AND THEY NEED TO HAVE THEIR OWN FUCKING LIVES TO LIVE. stop creating fucking rules in this house because we're not some stupid robots that you can control all your life. i'll make sure after i graduate, i'll get a decent life, save up big time, get the fuck out of here AND FUCKING TRAVEL. mark my word. i will do everything just not to depend on you anymore. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR TEACHING ME TO BE LIKE THIS.
xo, readysetdrool.

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