One minute I was watching Mama Ken writing this and on the next minute, I found myself inside the bus on my way to Digos City. LMFAO.
This day was so far the best RUSH ever. 
What's rush? It's a term my friends and I use for any unexpected, unplanned trips. LOLOL. 
Never thought about getting my ass to Digos since it's a 2 hours long bus drive PLUS my parents' permission wasn't an option :))))) 

The trip started when Andie excitedly called me up and said Antonio (our kabarkada) wanted us to go to Digos ASAP. Lol What is I don't have money x 1343245. Of course it didn't mattered because Andie told me I could borrow some amount so yeah; went straight to the bus terminal after meeting up in NBS XD

On our way to Digos, we had about a million phone call exchanges with Mikee, Tonio and Kevin because Kevin was very drunk, gate crashed to this marriage ceremony, went mad over her 4 YEARS AGO EX GIRL FRIEND and basically ruining the whole thing. Andie and I were literally laughing about the situation because Mikee was also drunk while trying to calm Kevin down. To think that Mikee's also that kind of guy who'd go wild when drunk (worse than Kevin, TBH) TROLLOLOLOL. I wish I was there though and laugh at Kevin's stupid face. XDDD When we arrived there after an hour and a half, Tonio got us from the terminal and we went straight to their friends' house, where Kevin was still on a very horrible situation. He was kneeling down in front of the girl, asking for a second chance, crying. BHAHAHAHAHHA. Sorry Kev if you get to read this. You were bad ass! DAEBAK. So we were trying to calm him down but he refuses so I just slapped him real hard on the face. SORRY again Lol. XDDDD Hmmm, then we went home after 2 hours of doing nonsense. It was one heck of an adventure cause we never intended ending up there. I wish Kevin's still alive now, I'm sure his grandpa and mum's trying to kill him. Hahahhahaha. Wishing this can happen again xx 

xo, readysetdrool.