St. Dominic's Ward

Good morning endorsement. Last Total 10, Admissions 54, Discharges 0, Trans In 5, Trans out 5, Death 0, Abscunded 0. Present total: 64
Welcome to St. Dominic's ward. With a total census of 64 beds, you have no idea how fun /headache/ it is to have your duty here! I was assigned to St. Dominic's ward for my Staffing / Head nursing rotation with 5 of my other classmates. Doreen, Khim, Hanz, Joe and Donna. At first I felt like I wanted to throw tantrums to our level coordinator because I thought being assigned to SDW was already a threat to our lives. Loljk. Really. I was assigned here once during our Metabolic rotation with maam beautiful and believe me, it was like h e l l. Idk whatever happened after that but when I started the rotation, I never wanted to leave the ward. Though you had to divide the ward into two sides the left wing and the right wing, you were still supposed to be doing everything. Medications, follow ups of the IV, charting, i&o, carrying out of orders, or simply what the regular registered nurses do. That's why I'm so proud of myself being able to survive SDW because in some other wards, their performance were limited. Some of them weren't even allowed to do chartings. I mean in the past rotations, we were supposed to do chartings. Now that they've reached staffing, hdnsg, they're not allowed to do chartings? WHAT. Okay.

I've also became quite attached with the staff most especially with Ma'am Ana, Ma'am Jana, Ma'am Leigh and my forever partner in the medication nurse, Ma'am Liz because we have the same lieks: KPOP. They were called the Kpop Girls then, KPG for short. Lels. Not even a dull moment with the KPG because DUUUH it's KPOP to begin with. We get to talk kpop stuff in between procedures. Also got some serious friendship with le boys sir Maloy, sir Drigin, sir Philip, sir Ernst, sir Jong, sir Kin (forever bully) asfdgbtrfaesdfsgrte I WILL MISS EVERYTHING.              

As I was also browsing through my mobile phone earlier I unconsciously realized I spent 3 celebrations in SDW this year.  

Valentines day at SDW!!
Christmas at SDW!

First Day at the ward.
 Pretty spooky
Nelson drew this one for me. 
Scary! haha
Nelson and Tricia. 11-7 Shift. Haha. Memories!

Christmas Party at SDW! Simply Orange!! The pogi boys!

1st day 11-7 shift. Taken about 4am ish.

Toys!!! Practicing how to open ampules. 

Free wall. Can draw and paste it. First week of the staffing rotation :)))

xo, readysetdrool.

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