2012 Monthy Highlights

Happy New Year everyone!!! 여러분 새해 복 많이 받으세요!!!!

Today marks the 1st page of 2013. This will be my year. Keeping it all optimistic because I 
want to define luck and blessings in 2013! 13 is my other lucky number other than 21, so yeah. Pretty much explains it all. Let's pwn 2013 everyone!! 

So what have you done last year? Frustrations? Happiness? Excitement? Well my year was more of like a roller coaster ride. But most of the time I felt like I was blessed by God. So here's some of the monthly highlights of my 2012.


January 12. Simple Plan concert. Depression. Simple Plan is definitely one of the best bands in the world for me. however yes, I missed it. Sad. 

January 23. Christmas....Wait. Chinese New Year party with SM LeTrolls! It's always food, fandom and trolling with trolls! Missing them so much right now. 


February 14. Watched "The Vow" with classmates. Lol. It was pretty random because some of them are on a relationship but still managed to go out with forever alone people like me. BLOGGED

February 23. Psychia Rotation. Absolutely one of the best rotations EVER. Catering 30+ psychiatric patients, going home just to take a bath and then leave again, sleepless nights, hang moments, EVERYTHING WAS WORTH KEEPING. BLOGGED. BLOGGED.

"Cold and clammy, give some candy! Warm and rush, sugar rush! 
Warm and fuzzy? it's LOVE!!"
- ate May and ate Pia..

March 10. DOMAAAIN! Finally! After gazzilion years of trying. I have finally purchased my own domain! Hello, Readysetdrool! BLOGGED.

"It's not about the effort, it's about the outcome."
- Tantoy, 2012 (Psychia presentation)


April 14. Black Day! Spent it with the trolls. Had Jajjangmyeon, trolled Lee and Jo since they were in Manila, tried fooling them that we were coming to their houses. LOLOLOL BLOGGED.

April 16. Got my own paypal! Woot! Another achievement for the year! Lmfao. 

April 20. @welovekibum rice wreath project. You guys know how much I stan this homo, right? LOL so yeah. Finally decided to try one fan project. At last! This homo has work! Since he was staring his own drama, I decided to do something maybe not so special for him but surely, it was one helluva pleasant project for him! I just don't know if he appreciated them. Haha. BLOGGED

April 24. @welovekibum got a reply from Kibum's sister. THIS. Hahahaha. Still can't get over this event because I got too hysterical (emotional) when I received the reply! It was as if we got recognized already! Awesome feeling is soooper awesome! BLOGGED.


May 1. First drama preview for Kibum's drama, "I Love Lee Taeri". Obviously, someone got too pleased seeing her bias. LMFAO.

May 18. Abrupt road trip to Digos with Andie! Received one phone call from Tonio and within a snap, found ourselves in Digos with Tonio, Kevin and Mikee. Traveled 2 hours just to laugh at them haha. BLOGGED

May 23. Rice Wreath Project for Kibum's drama. It was a HUGE success. After collaborating with some scary ahjumma fans, lol, at lasssttt, we got the rice wreaths and was able to deliver it to the press conference on time. Still thankful for everyone who donated. :) BLOGGED.

May 26. Experiencing AWESOME. 2nd fan gathering from us, SM LeTrolls, got a cinema, got cool merchs, got everything except Kibum trololol. 26 days to prepare, everything was fast, baby!  BLOGGED

May 31. Granpa died. :( Wasn't even able to take care of him before he left. BLOGGED


June 18. Birthday project! Another round of helpless project for the homo. This time we're indirectly giving him his gift. Instead of shipping him an Ipad, Tanduay rhum and other stuff, which will likely be passed to him, we decided to support "Save the Childre, Korea". It's an organization for kids who needs help. It took us about 48 years to finally say the project was successful, nevertheless, it was worth it. xx BLOGGED


July 1. HAHAHAHA. IDK. Smh I still find "it" silly. I learned how to say "NO". BLOGGED

July 2. DRH! At long last, TAGUM!!!


August 15. Community Implementation at Marilog! Fun fun fun day with groupmates!! All the hard work paid off! BLOGGED

August 21. Kibum's birthday. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

August 28. TwELFs' birthday. My baby's 3rd year. #3yearswithTwELFs #TwELFs3years. 


September 9. Date with Lau bro's. I still can't believe that I've got more attached to these boys because I used to really hate them. After all these years, nobody ever thought we'd become brothers. lels. BLOGGED

September 19. Met my Korean brother, Youngdon. Silly koryan boy with genius ideas. Lol 

September 29. CALLALILY!!! Being a fan who has never seen them personally, it was a blessing to finally getting to see them, LIVE. Ohhh Lem was really asfdgerawd!!!! BLOGGED


October 2. $500 sent to STC Korea for Kibum's birthday project.

October 11. Class party with BSN4D!!! Can't be more thankful for this class. Most of us are really cooool for parties and shizz. So proud. Love!! BLOGGED

October 17. Heard I was having my Staffing / Head nursing duty at Saint Dominic's ward. Went depressed. hahahaha. BLOGGED

  • Met my siblings from different parents. Pachu, Joe and Hans! Never thought we'd get this close tbh. Love them to bits!!!!! SDW BABIES!!!!! FTWWW
October 22- 30. Regular duty at the ward. Starting to get attached to the staff. Beautiful ward for very nice people. 


November 6. Super Junior's 7th anniversary. BLOGGED

November 12. My 21st birthday. Very lucky to have it celebrated in the ward with the staff. I am more thankful that I didn't have my party that day because I was happier celebrating it with the people I love! BOOOM. BLOGGED

November 13. My bestfriend's birthday.

November 18. Had lunch date with Minji and Youngdon. Had Jajjangmyeon at Seoulga and got ice creams from Arirang. These kids are so adorable to begin with. 

November 25. Hang out with Youngdon. Koryan boy skipped P.E classes because he's "LAZY" lol. BLOGGED

November 30. Culmination party for the previous head nursing students. Had shots with some of the staff at SPE. Then transferred to some place I can't remember well. To consider we were having an exam the next day, it was really YOLO. LMFAO.


December xxx. Started Head nursing rotation at the same ward. Got extra closer with the staff. Regular sessions with them is that overwhelming!!!

December 14-16. Class Retreat. BLOGGED.

December 21. Christmas party with the SDW staff! It was AWEESSAAAAAMMMM. 
  • Bet is bet. Bet is beeeet! Hahaha chorvabells lang! Goraa! :)
  • My favorite number is 21. 
  • 4D. i love!
December 22. Hmm bet was nice to return the stupid things I left from chorv's car. Talked about the shizz we're about to face. I think it's worth the risk tbh. 

December 23. Late night sms with bet. Haha. Warior lang! Enjoying what we have because wee can!! 

December 24. Still late night sms with bet. I really appreciate it when he replies even tho he finds it hard to type. haha. 


December 25. Went on duty at DR. Zzz had 1 patient on table but didn't delivered. Sucks. Sad. Gave bet his gift. Went to Gian's house afterwards for ate Monik's spaghetti.

December 26. HOLLOW. Date with Jolu at Green Coffee. Bet came over and stayed for a while. Ate ddokbokki at Seoulga, got ice cream at Arirang and he got me home. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

December 29. Last Saturday of the Year. Went out with Gian, Norinne, Kuya Neil and Charlene. Watched "One More Try", went to SPE afterwards, transferred to Cat's and Dogs for videoke and then bet came. SO YOU SAID I LOVE YOU. I REPLIED THANK YOU. YES WE'RE COOL WITH THIS.

December 30. Family Reunion.

                       Regretted meeting up with bet because he is kind of starting to drift away :((((((((((((((((( BET CAN YOU PLEASE NOT GO AWAY NOW? I totally understand your side right now but please please don't make me feel it. adfsrgeeadsfgreaw3aewfrsgreawsfzdgthrgr4ayjhtr :(((((((((((((

December 31. NOTHING. Silence. I know I'm not supposed to assume about anything but since you told me we're okay with this :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( SAKITA OY.

xo, readysetdrool.

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