10 Must Do's to start the day right.

1. Pray.
2. Eat breakfast with shitloads of Yakult.
3. SMS EVERYONE on your inbox with a "GOOD MORNING, <insert name here> HAVE AN AMAZING DAY!"
4. Blast your favorite "hey bitches it's a good day to be wasted song" and say "YO, THIS IS MY JAM! FUCK STRESS, I'M TOO FABULOUS FOR THAT."

5. Dance with it. 
6. Smile to everyone you see in the streets / office.
7. Greet them with "Hey! It's a very beautiful morning but i'm prettier!" 
8. Don't go near your stressor. I'm sure you're aware of that.
9. Always think about getting your goals done today.
10. Look at your inspiration every.single.minute and smile.

I always make it a point that I start the day right (by ofc doing all of these), but sadly I always miss number  9. :| missing one means ending the day frustrating. Ugh. 


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