Life atm.

Being in the review school for the up coming board exam on December had already made it's toll on me. Physically, emotionally, /socially/ i am drained. I am tired. I want to break down, cry and laugh afterwards (what is labile?) lol. Anyway. Life has been pretty hard lately. I know i'm not doing well with my review and tbh i'm starting to doubt myself if i could really do it. I know it's not suppose to be the right attitude especially when i know there's only 86 days left before the war. I'm not that prepared yet because i know i need to push myself harder. The question is, how do i do it right. How do i tell myself to strive harder and focus more? I need my mum to pressure me. I need people to give me a slap in the face to tell me my effort's not enough. Tho i'm fully aware my irl friends are supportive but still it's not enough. Bla. Random. Still, I KNOW I CAN DO IT. I CAN MAKE IT, I WILL TOP THE BOARD EXAM! DECEMBER 2013, I WILL BE A NURSE!!!! I'm claiming it, in Jesus' name!

xo, readysetdrool

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