3 and a half grueling months has actually passed by and i'm on the verge of giving up. IRDK what's up but heol i'm stressed / anxious / scared as heck. They say it's normal for the pre-board shish but idkkkkk it doesn't seem to be as normal as it should be (pov). Tbh, I've been dealing with too much stressors lately, hospitalized bc of hyperacidity, finding myself always crying bc irdk what to do and back pain that's getting bad. Tho I'm sure this won't be too long. I know I'll pass the board exam, one try. I won't fail. I'll make my parents proud. Fo sho. I'm claiming it!!!!!!1 

"NASA DIYOS ANG AWA, NASA TAO ANG GAWA" - Quoted from a classmate from earlier's Spiritaul enhancement. True enough, there's no way you'd get that success when hard work and prayers don't go together.

Some photos of the month:

was inserted with IVF outside the hospital. mwahaha.
only to end up being admitted after a few hours
tried vikings to avail of their discounted prices. it wasn't that bad
tho you can't try everything in one seating. 3 stars!

xo, readysetdrool.

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