Ambivalent feels all over. Over the weekend, 5 students are leaving for Australia to study and get a job. Somehow it makes my heart feel x3 heavier after Kevin left. Steve, Youn, Cathy, Kayla and Brian are more than my students. They're /illegal/ family already. Like how you treat them as your siblings. For a person like me who takes attachments quite seriously, it's very difficult to let go in a short span of time. It'd most likely take a few months to get to the acceptance phase of coping. Honestly, I'm still in heavy hearts about Kevin leaving. Although it's been a month already, it seems like he's been gone for just a week. There's too much feels when we're together. How we talk, bully each other and just be ourselves, it's different after they leave, I'm sure of that. I'm not even sure if the feeling's mutual but I hope it is. They say they'll see us again, but will those words become reality in the future? Or will those words just stay as mere lip service to make everyone feel better? 몰라요. 
xo, readysetdrool.

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