20140930 Last day syndrome.

No jam, dili mabayran ang akong experience sa CP. Miskin ingnon sa tanan na toxic siya, dili jud ko mucontra kay tinuod jud na. Truth is, it's an IMCU within a ward, and you kinda get the picture. Toxicity level: unfathomable. Kung basehan lang sa  kadaghan sa level 3-4 na ginaalagaan, hawd na jud ka. Pero CP made me stayed flat on ground. It humbled me down in the sense that no matter who/ what your patients are/ suffering from, they are still worth your utmost respect and care. In a shift (toxic pov), we get 3-4 expires. When we get cardiac arrests, we had to stay relaxed, compose ourselves and pray for the best for our patients. It's not an easy job for the most of us. Sometimes we get that strong urge to complain even about the smallest things because we're /that/ exhausted. But at the end of the day, a smile is always seen in our faces and that's because we are very well compensated with our workmates. The staff (NOD's and attendants), headnurse, co-auxi's, doctors, even the clerks, everything seems to be in glorious harmony with the workload we carry. You can never question that small piece of happiness you bring with you everytime you end/ start a shift. Now that we're down to that last 8 hours of our duty, I'm just kinda hoping nothing would change, that even after this rotation, the friendship, the bond will still be there for everyone to enjoy. 

We had 4 expires that night. Haha. So much fulfillment. Now off to another area, PICU let's see.
xo, readysetdrool.

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