This morning I went to the hospital because I thought I could go on duty even tho I had no letter (which btw, happened ystdy). I left early and When I got there I saw HIM. Lol. And there was a patient about to have his stat surgery. BUT then when the endorsement was about to start...The NOD checked us hahaha boyaah I have no letter. I wasn't allowed to go on duty. Lmfao. I live about 45 mins away from the hospital btw. So there goes the 1st story.

Later this afternoon I decided to bring grandma to the doctor because her dyspnea problems were getting worst. She was supposed to have her check up weeks ago however she always complains about  our doctor (LOL YOU KNOW WHO SHE IS). The doctor's really frank and strict with her patients' compliance problems. Haha. When we got inside the doctor's clinic, Dr.'s face turned like she just ate a whole sour candy and said "malapit na akong magalit sayo". Which was pretty hilarious because she was just checking her past health history! Then she interviewed everyone inside the room about Grandma's problems, suddenly, she choked my uncle and mum!! (Jokingly, of course!) End point of this story: Grandma's tentative admission diagnosis: CAP MR, DM II, Some heart dse that I forgot. I dealt with ER *KIND* nurses again!!!! It felt sooo glorious just having to say, "Thank you, Maam!"

Final story.
Since I wasn't able to go on duty this morning, I left Raul and her girlfriend, Jani at the OR to have their duty (without me). I will be writing the next few lines in vernacular because...
Pag saka nako sa 3rd floor, gipangita nako si Raul kay nag sabot mi na mangaon mi sa Jollibee kay gigutom daw sila ni Jani. Pag-abot nako sa OR, LINTIK lang ang may ganti, si Kuya ug iyang dako na nawong ang akong nasalubong. Tung naa na'y nigawas, si girlfriend ni Kuya ang nigawas. Kanang poydi ma shakira?! Nisunod ug gawas si Kuya pero wala siya nanagad. Pero gigunitan niya ang door para sa akoa aron makasulod ko sa OR. Ironic no? Gagohay. hahahahaha Sa buntag maayo kaayo iyang pagtagad. The usual conversation gud pag naga sturya mi. Sungugay gamay, sabay gunit sa akong ulo. Wa ka nabuang kuya? Haha. Pero the best gyud tung "That awkward moment when he's with her girlfriend yet he knows he did something very bad, HE CHEATED ON HER and he wants to smile to you" bwahahhahahha. Tapos mas imba gyud tung nagsabay mi ug gawas sa hospital human kung makagunit sa kamot sa iyang uyab, WAGAS. Haha. Defensive ra kaayo ka kuya uy! Bwahahhaha. Ambot nimo. Unsa to? October mulakaw na siya? PAGMATA, MAG BULAG RA GIHAPON MO BWAHAHAHHAHA OK. 
xo, readysetdrool.