I just had this feeling that I really have to be positive with life. So yeah, here goes some randomness.
I am surrounded with NICE people. I deserve every single one of them. I am just too paranoid with my past. I am a better person. I am worthy of life's happiness. This is who I am. Noisy. Extrovert. Evil. I love GAYS. I don't want to be into a relationship because I think that's unnecessary for you to feel contented. I deserve MIMI, CRISTY, ANDIE, BIBOY, SOLEIH, RAZMIN, KELVIN, NIKKO, ANTONIO ARRENE, KTINE, TANYA, JOHN, JEF, REMIE, EDWARD. ATE ANGEL, LEE, JO, CYB, ATE PIA, ATE MAY, TWELFS, SPL, AHJUMMAS. Moreover, I AM WORTHY OF HAVING MY BFFFSSSS, MONIK, MIKKO AND GIAN. Every single one of them is special. <3 AFRSGETHREUJAFI. Random. Random.
xo, readysetdrool.

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