Today, I learned a very significant lesson. That not every sweet guy who is nice to you should mean that he’d become your boyfriend or go beyond that level.

        As you may have noticed, I have been talking a lot about my self-proclaimed twin (Toby). Apparently, I thought he was just another person who’d treat me like the usual friend; craziness and all. Nevertheless, I was wrong. He treated me like a true sister. The ones with the extra dip of care and heaps of sarcasm. Earlier, we decided to go out….and eat! As Bread talk opened a branch here in Davao (YEY!) and you know me, I love food trips!  We chose to go devouring some ridiculously delicious bread! Right after the duty (Return Demonstration; getting ready for the Operating Room), we immediately left for Ayala.  -_- Upon arriving at the mall, we went to Bread talk at once then started to stare at those heavenly, appetizing, mouth-watering bread. Damn that place was chocolate heaven! After getting to choose which ones to get (I got the one with chocolates and cream, while he got the bread with cheese and that floss or whatever you’d want to call that) we then went up to look for some good stuff. SHOES BABY!!! <3 Then after visiting those shoe shops, I bought us brownies (which did not tasted that well after 20 mins because it melted, ugh disgusting). Fast forward into selecting out which restaurant to get decent affordable foods, we tried Moon café, however, twas quite expensive.LMAO. No enough budget for that resto for now. As a result of being broke, we went straight to the food court! We got nachos with a twist! It was dipped with SOUR CREAM and HORRIBLE bacon bits! The bacon bits tasted like they were dried and soaked in salt. FAIL. We went on with the eating and talking. We ended up conversing about our personal lives. Blabla. Twas personal sooo yeahhh. XD When we were about to finish up our food, Mikee smsed me. He said they (Nikko, Antonio, Gerone, Sofia, Shayne, Thea and Sarrah) were on their way to the durian place in Magsaysay. It just came to me that we had already made plans since Monday that we were going to have a Durian party, to celebrate Gerone’s birthday. Fail! I must say. In addition, I didn’t know which jeepney to ride to ge t to that place. Eventually, with all the exchanged phone calls and sms, I arrived safely. I got 2  seeds of that uhhhhhhhh delicious durian!! Thanks Mikee for the treat and for the gossips. There. That's what made up my day. Fun. Full. Fabulous! <3 <3

xo, readysetdrool.

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