The "theme" was..lol I forgot the exact line, but it was something to do with Healing and Forgiveness. The day started with a short time to reflect and meditate about people you've hurt, people you owe an apology or something that is bothering as of the moment. Honestly speaking, I didn't really feel the ambiance of the whole thing maybe because I've been too heartless for such a long time? LOL. IRDK. -_- So while everyone was busy pondering about their lives, I was well, daydreaming. SORRY. kkk.

Anyway, in the afternoon, we had this small activity in which, we were asked to play with CLAYS. Our facilitator instructed us to mold out figures of how we can describe of our life now and or how we've been lately. I molded out a YIN-YANG and a small blue star. Since I think my life right now is balanced. I am having my fair share of life's hardships and happiness. In times, i'm depressed and then the next thing I know, God makes plans for me that I never expected. These were some of the things I learned today. One after the other, my classmates started telling everyone about their feelings. It was a good relief that everyone had to share and at least talk for a little while. A little outburst of emotions, perhaps was needed at the moment due to the excessive number of stressors of life. HAHAHA.  P.S the sharing was the part where I was really affected because I found myself crying. BOHOO. A little realization came up to me today. I am a cold hearted person. I have to be a little nice with the people around me and care more. lakjegryfwaodksjfr I DONT KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. Gah. 
xo, readysetdrool.

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