Today was random. I spent my morning watching city hunter as I was really bored. At 2pm, I went over to andie's house to do some preparing for our program on Thursday. We then discussed about the flow and anticipations for the program. After the run thru, we decided to go to the market and get the ingredients for our "Shawarma Rice" for thurs. God I swear I went asdfrgtaedfs when Adam suddenly took my wallet from my arms. I thought he was snatcher. -_- When we got back, we just finished off the whole flow and ate our dinner. You see, all the pressure's on my group since yesterday, we got a perfect grade for the program because it was really great. The residents LOVED it! Maam smiled after the program and while we were doing the after care she screamed PERFECT GRADE IF YOU CLEAN THE AREA IN 5 MINUTES. Flipping tables and throwing chairs, we managed to clean it in 5 freaking minutes, baby! All the pressures on us because mom's hopes of having a better program's all over the place. >:) God knows how much i'm enjoying-stressing much about this rotation. 

Case study, Wednesday next week,
Reading on Monday
PSI NCP and NPI on Thursday
Program on Thursday
xo, readysetdrool.

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