why do i always have the guts to write when i'm not sober? lol XD
i realized it will be our last week in psychia rotation. which means it'll be our last week with our group mates. Normally, groupings would only be within one section. However, for psychia rotation, we were mixed with section A. At first i thought it was horrible. To be honest i never liked the idea of being mixed with them. I felt like an ipod player shuffled with random personalities. First day came, it was fine. Nothing much came up except for the fact that we were about to face something really bad. Stress, sleepless nights, attitudes, everything else. But that was just the beginning. As the weeks passed by, things became clearer. My group became so close with them that it was like forever wasn't enough for us to become group mates. I'm feeling sad 'cause we'll be having our culmination already on Thursday. That's fucking 3 days from now! Idk what to feel now. These people have been so nice to us. The late night gossips, the random laughter, the fun. EVERYTHING. It was all worth it. I'll never regret being on the same group as with them. Really.
xo, readysetdrool.

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